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Our Offices Head Office Kingston

Unit 1,
Total Logistics Facility
195 Second Street, Newport West, Kingston 13
Jamaica West Indies

Branch Office Montego Bay
Shop 31,

Freeport Shopping Centre,
Montego Bay St. James
Tel: 876-953-6761-2
Fax: 876-953-6924


When the package arrives at my address (your Miami office) when will it ship, arrive in Jamaica and be available for pick-up?

Our flight departures are as follows:
Tuesday:   Dep: 15:30    Arrival: 16:05
Thursday: Dep: 5:30       Arrival: 11:10

Cargo for Tuesday, is required to be in our warehouse by 2pm on Monday and cargo for Thursday is required to be in our warehouse by 2pm on Wednesday.

All shipments will be available for pick-up or delivery no later than the day after arrival.

  1. If I am in Miami can I drop-off and get same courier service.

    Yes you can drop in the cargo to be couriered, please ask for Juan Gutierrez the courier Supervisor.

  2. When you make mistakes will you compensate me in a tangible way (i.e. other than Sorry) ?

    In addition to taking responsibility for errors, we have to treat each situation on a case basis. We also provide insurance to our customers to include free insurance for items valuing up to U$50.00; we will always do our best to keep the customer happy.

  3. Is this service only out of Miami?

    Courier packages are consolidated and airfreighted from our Miami hub, however, you can purchase from just about any state in the USA and have your supplier deliver to the address we have provided you.

  4. Can I pay the membership fee in Jamaican Currency?

    Although the fees are set in United States dollars they can be paid in local currency, converting at the weighted average rate on the date of payment.

  5. Will my orders be consolidated?

    For the courier service we do not consolidate, we ship upon receipt; if you should require consolidation service however; this can be facilitated through our regular air or sea freight services.

  6. Are there any restricted or prohibited items for the courier service?

    There are restricted and prohibited items. There are a number of items that require permits to be imported, if you are in doubt please discuss with one of our team members who will provide guidance. There are also some items that are prohibited and this includes, hazardous cargo like perfume, speaker boxes, money and blood.

  7. How will junk mail be handled?

    With the permission of the account holder we will discard junk mail that can be easily identified

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